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Winner of Yorkshire Prestige Data Management Specialists of the Year 2023-2024

Winner of Yorkshire Prestige Data Management Specialists of the Year 2023-2024

Our mission is to make Data Protection as understandable and hassle-free as possible

We are ARC Data Protection a company that cares about making sure everyone and every company can keep their data safe and meet legal guidelines regarding data protection.

Keeping up to date with GDPR regulations is important

Accountability is one of the key data protection principles and makes an organisation responsible for complying with the GDPR. An organisation, should therefore, have in place appropriate and effective measures and can demonstrate the compliance of processing activities with the GDPR.

The ICO expects all organisations to demonstrate how they take personal data obligations seriously and process personal data in a manner that ensures appropriate security.

About Us

We understand that keeping up with ever-changing data protection regulations can be challenging.

Our mission is to simplify data protection, seamlessly integrating our expertise with your team and providing a cost-effective outsourced Data Protection Officer (DPO) solution.

How ARC data protection services can help

An outsourced data protection officer can assist your business to keep on top of and manage all things data protection. We will help ensure your organisation is compliant with GDPR to minimise the risk of breaches and reduce the chance of reprimands and fines being issued by the ICO.

If managed incorrectly things can go wrong, causing reprimands and fines with these incidents occurring regularly! Many businesses don't consider data protection until a breach has occurred, we want to help support businesses to prevent a breach before it can occur.

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